Radical City inc.

Routes to a new urban landscape

2022 / 2023 program

The Radical City inc. program gives shape to a new climate-proof and nature inclusive urban landscape. Artists, designers and architects explore new approaches to challenge conservative notions of city life, and create routes to a pioneering city in which all human and non-human life unites and flourishes.

The Radical City inc. addresses the complex problems of our time, such as drought, salinization, subsidence, energy, light and air pollution, while presenting an optimistic prospect for the cities of the near and distant future through the union of urban and landscape ecology. The collaboration between creative thinkers, experts and the audience is at the heart of Radical City inc., exchanging an individual attitude in society for a sense of natural belonging, being and working together in urban spaces.

The Radical City inc. environment moves beyond artistic and conceptual ideas, and encourages participants to bring a radically new city into reality. Pilots and prototypes  works will become part of larger projects in the public city landscape of Amsterdam.


Natasja Alers (NL) / Mae Engelgeer (NL) /Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (UK) / Theun Karelse (NL) / Rollo Bryant (GB) / Marco Barotti (IT) / Ivan Henriques (NL) / Thijs Biersteker (NL) / Bram de Vos (NL) / Green Quays (NL) / VANTOT (NL)

Curated by Arjen Bangma

Dec. 10, 2022– Dec. 8, 2023 : Tue. – Fri. 10.00h – 17.00h. , Sat., 13.00h – 17.00h
Closed: Sun.

Address: Transnatural, Jan van Galenstraat 125 bg

More information coming up soon or check www.transnatural.org