• Lamina Light sculptures

    create merged colors & patterns

    design by Tijs Gilde Read more

  • Launch Airfoil Project

    sustainable coloring by oxidation

    design by Merel Karhof Read more

  • Bespoke Transience mirrors

    reveal the oxidation process

    design by Lex Pott & David Derksen i.c.w. Nicemakers Read more

  • Dreamscape - Field of Joy

    tactile experiences unifying material & senses

    by Alfhild Külper Read more

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Crust collection industrial narratives of aluminium
Crust Shelf
industrial narratives of aluminium
Lamina Light - Sunrise
Translucent slats create merged colors & patterns
Airfoil project sustainable coloring by oxidation
Airfoil Table
Trails of oxidation on oak
Well Proven Stool Medium
Well Proven Stool is made of bio resin foam wood and waste

The latest

Radical City inc. exhibition

Radical City inc. exhibition

The Radical City inc. exhibition explores an alternative, nature inclusive and climate proof city. An evolving exhibition is the basis for radical ideas for the city of the future with Amsterdam used as a platform. Designers, artists and architects question former ideas about urban life and look for new ways to empower the connection between people, nature and architecture in the urban landscape.

Collectible Brussels

Collectible Brussels

We’re excited to announce Transnatural will finally travel abroad again to showcase work! Transnatural will present a wide rang of new art & design collection works at Collectible Brussels Fri. 20 – Sun. 22 May. Several projects were developed in 2021, others are developed in 2022 and never have been launched till now.

Artists and designers who joined Transnatural recently, will introduce intriguing work are: Natasja Alers, Alfhild Külper, Merel Karhof, Studio ThusThat, Rollo Bryant and Tijs Gilde. Lex Pott & David Derksen, Jolan van der Wiel, Marjan van Aubel & James Shaw, Eric Geboers & Matteo Baldassari will add new and existing work.

Launch 3D virtual gallery

Launch 3D virtual gallery

Transnatural released the virtual gallery tour which allows you to visit us anytime. With this interactive 3D tour the most physical experience possible, is created digitally. Apart from walking through the space, backstage stories are revealed and shared in videos and texts. In times of keeping distance, we make sure to get closer. Start your experience via the navigation bar on top.