• Lamina Light sculptures

    translucent slats create merged colors & patterns

    design by Tijs Gilde Read more

  • Launch Airfoil Project

    sustainable coloring by oxidation

    design by Merel Karhof Read more

  • Bespoke Transience mirrors

    reveal the oxidation process

    design by Lex Pott & David Derksen i.c.w. Nicemakers Read more

  • The Great Work of the Metal Lover

    paintings hold bioreactor fabricated gold

    by Artist Adam W. Brown, on show now Read more

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Lamina Light amplifies color pattern intensity
Lamina Light - Sunrise
Translucent slats create merged colors & patterns
Airfoil Table
Trails of oxidation on oak
Well Proven stools made of bio resin foam wood and waste
Well Proven Stool Medium
Well Proven Stool is made of bio resin foam wood and waste
Trap Light - Outdoor
Trap Light converts waste energy back into visible light

The latest

Launch 3D virtual gallery

Launch 3D virtual gallery

Transnatural released the virtual gallery tour which allows you to visit us anytime. With this interactive 3D tour the most physical experience possible, is created digitally. Apart from walking through the space, backstage stories are revealed and shared in videos and texts. In times of keeping distance, we make sure to get closer. Start your experience via the navigation bar on top.

Eclipse Transience mirrors

Eclipse Transience mirrors

The new Eclipse models of Transience mirrors show the beauty of the natural oxidizing process inherent in mirrors. By accelerating and manipulating this process, the Eclipse models illustrate the various stages of oxidation through a gradient of brown – gold – silver tones.

The Unkown Mine Zone exhibition

The Unkown Mine Zone exhibition

Transnatural opens its new exhibition space, featuring The Unknown Mine Zone exhibition and the launch of the new label collection, situated in the vibrant Amsterdam West quarter. The Unknown Mine Zone offers a collection of Amsterdam-based as well as traveling exhibitions and activities, with the exhibition at the new Transnatural gallery marking the official opening on October 16th 2020.