• Lamina Light sculpture

    amplifies color and pattern intensity

    by Tijs Gilde Read more

  • New Coral Lights

    3D printed with waste stone

    by Eric Geboers & Matteo Baldassari Read more

  • Bespoke Transience mirrors

    reveal the oxidation process

    Lex Pott & David Derksen i.c.w. Nicemakers Read more

  • Well Proven Stool

    foam wood from bioresin and waste

    MoMA collection pieces Read more

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Transience Mirrors high contrast oxidation
Cubic Transience Mirror
Transience Mirrors reveal the oxidation process
Well Proven Stool Medium
Well Proven Stool is made of bio resin foam wood and waste
Mineralism tables architectural play on lines, light & shadow
Mineralism sculpture
architectural play on lines, light & shadow
Trap Light - Outdoor
Trap Light converts waste energy back into visible light

The latest

Eclipse Transience mirrors

Eclipse Transience mirrors

The new Eclipse models of Transience mirrors show the beauty of the natural oxidizing process inherent in mirrors. By accelerating and manipulating this process, the Eclipse models illustrate the various stages of oxidation through a gradient of brown – gold – silver tones.

2020 News

2020 News

___ 2019 has been a mesmerizing year for Transnatural Label, we'd like to thank our clients for all support. Four new artists enforced the collection with inspiring designs. It was a treat to meet so many new partners in the hospitality and architectural fields. No doubt, this decade will be as fertile and the last.

M&O Paris in September 2019

M&O Paris in September 2019

For the first time, Transnatural is part in the PARIS DESIGN WEEK. Transnatural will be showcasing works by 4 new artists who take material innovation as a starting point of their design process. We present work by Tijs Gilde, Aad Kruiswijk, Tim Teven, Eric Geboers & Matteo Baldassari.