Adaptive Manufacturing

___At the foundation of every product is it's production process. These days craftmanship is oftenly replaced by machines. The translation of local influences into products is lost. What if machines could become more sensory and locally orientated? Machines that would be able to create while incorporating the global as well as the local in it's outcome? Machines that build according to their environment and give us back a sense of effort, time and local diversity.

Adaptive Manufacturing is an ongoing experiment by Olivier van Herpt and Sander Wassink in which they research the relation between the machine and it's context.
They design scripts that distil shapes and textures from external phenomenon. The software then translates this external information measured by sensors into specific realtime behaviors of the printer. You could call it a sensory machine that feels it's environment, and all of it's output becomes a real-time document of a specific time, location or raw material.
Within this context, a new series of art & design products will be especially developed in collaboration with Transnatural.