Rollo Bryant
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Odyssey light is part of a new and ongoing project, called "Liquid Roots," which aims to address the depletion of biodiversity in urban environments and explore ways to reduce the negative impact of city lighting on the natural world. It proposes the creation of a semi-permanent light fixture in a green public space, functioning as a living garden and multi-species paradise for people, flora, and fauna to coexist in harmony with the surrounding environment and buildings.

The goal is to promote debate and discussion about the relationship between technology, nature, and humanity, and inspire others to envision a new, nature-inclusive landscape in public spaces. "Liquid Roots" is launched as part of "Radical City Inc.," a new initiative by Transnatural that focuses on regenerative systems and a nature-inclusive, climate-proof approach to the urban landscape. The initiative addresses themes such as drought, salinity, subsidence, energy, light and air pollution, and the intersection of urban and landscape ecology.

Quartz Sand

Burnt Maroon

327x 223x 351 mm

6 kg

Technical specs
18w LED E27 Bulb, 2700 K, 240V / 120V, cable Length
300 cm, EU plug