The ode to AL

a tribute to the most sustainable and recyclable metal

The ode to AL cabinet, or room divider, is a tribute to the most sustainable and recyclable metal, aluminium.

The shelves are elegantly and partly folded down, holding the Ode to AL solidly up in the air. The accessories allow you to store and hide content, and it can slide along the shelves to a desired position.

As the front and back are identical, The Ode to AL can be used as a room divider. The design is available in two sizes in either dark gold brown or titanic blue. Customized colors and sizes are available upon request.

The most minimal amount of aluminium is used to construct the design. Recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than is required to produce primary metal.

low model : H 1006 x W 1200 mm
high model: H 1362 x W 1200 mm

Material: Aluminium
Price on request