Airfoil project

Merel Karhof

The Airfoil research project has started in collaboration with designer Merel Karhof. The aim is to make a new design completely fabricated with Wind.
In this project we closely collaborate with experts out of the windmill industry. In the typical Dutch craftsmanship area, called De Zaanse Schans, a series of windmills is situated.

Each mill has its own expertise like producing wood, paint pigments etcetera. Those two ingredients are the starting point of the research and development. The windmill is the element to get inspired in the first phase as well as the location where it’s situated.

Instead of starting to design and match the final design with the right technique and materials, we took an approach from a slightly different angle: making different materials experiments together with the experts out the industry as the point where it takes off.

The material concept and its effects is rigid to the final art/design concept.
Here you find some first new material experiment outcomes.