Well Proven Stools

Marjan van Aubel & James Shaw

Well Proven Stools is made of foam wood from bioresin and waste

___ Understanding that there is 50% to 80% of timber wastage during normal manufacture, the designers incorporated waste shavings into design using bioresin. 
A curious chemical reaction occurs when it is mixed with the shavings, expanding it into foam. By adding colour dye and varied-sized shavings from different workshop 
machines, a colourful, lightweight and mouldable material was created, reinforced by the fibres in the hardwood shavings.

The porridge-like mixture of resin and shavings is slapped on to the underside of 
the chair shell by hand, building up the material wherever extra strength was required. 
The mixture then foamed explosively to create its own exuberant form, anchored by 
the simple turned legs of American ash.

The serie of Well Proven Stools are especially designed for Transnatural Label.

small: H 450 x L 400 x W 350mm / medium: H 640 x L 400 x W 350mm / large (barstool): H 790 x L 400 x W 350mm