Gravity Stools - Blue & grey

Jólan van der Wiel

The Gravity Stool uses magnetism to design

__Underpinned by the notion that everything on earth is influenced by gravity – a force that strongly influences form – Jólan takes advantage of this natural occurrence by manipulating the natural force of magnetism. The designer has made a special magnet machine with the looks of a tensile machine. This machine is able to start a small but efficient link in the chain of production. By the generated magnetic field, the design rises from a bowl of liquid plastic mixed with iron.

The form of the stool is characterised by pointed and organic shapes that reflect natural forms. Jólan van der Wiel was the 2012 winner of the Interior Innovation Award with his project Gravity chair.

Watch the video here.

models & sizes:
blue & grey / Chameleon edition D 320 mm - H 275 mm

Images by floor knaapen