In the Age of Post-Drought

The Aquatic State

2019 / 2021 program

The program -In The Age of Post-Drought- is dedicated to the global water-related challenges. 

In the Age of Post-Drought is an exploration into the various small and large-scale (bio-)technical designs, solutions, experiments and artistic interventions that can contribute to a more ecological friendly future in which water-related issues will be a problem of the past. These problems are looked at from four different angles: water scarcity, water pollution, water nuisance and desertification.

Transnatural organises a series of exhibitions that aim to address these pressing issues in Amsterdam, at the Dutch Design Week and Grand Hornu (CID) in Belgium. A unique side-program took place on Oerol festival, Into the Great Wide Open festival and in Amsterdam with installations, performances, talks and workshops.

Visit the - In the Age of Post-Drought - project website for more information.


Jólan van der Wiel (NL), Robertina Šebjanič (SL), Marco Barotti (IT), Gabriele Diamanti (IT), Creating Water Foundation (NL), Zoro Feigl (NL), Sara Nuytemans (NL), Lennart Lahuis (NL), LOLA Landscape Architects (NL), Niels Stomps (NL). Bio-Integrated Design Lab/ Shneel Malik (UK), Jane Withers Studio (UK) Andy Gracie (SP), Studio Sway (NL), Frederik de Wilde (BE), Ulysse Martel (CH), Julien Poidevin, Chloé Dailly, CTRLZAK, Isabelle Daëreon (FR), Assemble Mass / Jason Kim (US), Julien Poidevin (BE)