Trap Light - Outdoor

Gionata Gatto & Mike Thompson

Trap Light converts waste energy back into visible light

Trap Light proposes a radical new approach to lighting design. By utilising photoluminescent pigments to capture escaping light, Trap Light, designed by, Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson recycles waste energy back into light. Photoluminesence is a process in which energy absorbed by a substance is gradually released as light. Using the Murano glass blowing technique, this pigment is embedded into the glass body of the lamp, giving each Trap Light a unique pattern and glow. 30 minutes ‘charge’ of light from a traditional incandescent or LED light provides a few hours of ambient lighting. 

Stand & hang / Indoor & Outdoor : 180 x 180 x 380mm (Ceiling Box 120 x 120mm)
Color cages: blue, white, yellow