The Unknown Mine Zone

Exploration of Alternative Sources

2020 / 2021 program

The Unknown Mine Zone exhibition series reflect on the finiteness of raw materials and the access to viable alternatives. By offering a platform to artists and designers to experiment with other forms of mineral extraction and design new modes of accretion to strengthen existing raw materials and mineral supplies, The Unknown Mine Zone offers an artistic insight in the current mining crisis and its potential solutions.

How will natural resources shape our lives with upcoming shortages? What will be materials that hold our future interests? How can we, as humans, adapt to a new landscape defined by material access? Can Man, Material and Mass-consumption continue to co-exist?

The Unknown Mine Zone highlights several artworks and innovative designs that engage with the looming natural resource crisis in an innovative and sustainable fashion.

The Unknown Mine Zone offers a collection of Amsterdam-based and traveling exhibitions and activities. Through this exhibition, the participating designers are encouraged to involve the public in their experiments and developing work.

Besides the in-house exhibition, Transnatural has partnered up with Nieuw Dakota, the EYE Filmmuseum and Oerol Festival to present a varied selection of works that engage and educate a wide and diverse public on the mining crisis and our access to natural resources.

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Xandra van der Eijk & Kirstie van Noort (NL), Teresa van Dongen (NL), Adam W. Brown (US), Dillon Marsh (SA), MAEID (GER) & Concr3de (NL), Johan Grimonprez (BE), Xandra van der Eijk (NL), Onkruidenier & Overtreders W (NL), Pleun van Dijk & Fred Erik (NL/ BE), Kosuke Araki (JP), AMAM (JP), Tamara Orjola (RU), Bela Rofe (AU), Johan Grimonprez (BE), Onkruidenier (NL)