Martijn Rigters & Fabio Hendry

___ Fabio Hendry & Martijn Rigters met and studied together at the Royal College of Art in London. Hairy Tales project proposes new sustainable decoration and printing based on the use of human hair, came out of their encounter and collaboration. The use of a natural waste product as a sustainable paint suits our mission to balance nature and technology.

The work of Fabio and Martijn stems from their fascination for the grey area between man and machine, and where the designer takes position. Inspired by a recycling aesthetics, they question the boundaries between science and nature and explore the possibility of creating sustainable materials, decoration and production processes.

Both Fabio and Martijn have an international academic formation in Furniture, Industrial and Product Design between The Netherlands and the UK (Martijn), or across Swiss, Iceland and the UK (Fabio). With exhibitions throughout Europe awards and recognitions from design fairs, shows and institutions, both Martijn and Fabio are very active on the international scene.