Transnatural Art & Design

___ The Transnatural Label collection offers art, light, interior and outdoor design. All art & design products have an essential function and exceptional aesthetics. Fresh and innovative material concepts are a starting point for all kind of in- and outdoor features. The artists’ production methods pay close attention to new, alternative energy and environmental friendly material resources.

Transnatural explores ways how to (re-) design our living spaces so that humans, nature and technology can expand, enrich and feed each other.

Please contact us for more information about customized art & design projects. 
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Transnatural Label is founded by Arjen Bangma in 2012. 


You can visit our ongoing showcase at the Lijnbaansgracht 148a BG, Amsterdam the Netherlands . Opened  Monday – Friday from 10.00h. till 17.00h.

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Transnatural Art & Design Workspace/ Showcase and exhibition space (headquarters)

Lijnbaansgracht 148a

1016 VW Amsterdam

P.O. 14697
 1001 LD Amsterdam

Telephone number:+3120 7740862
Emergencies (only): +316 14712140

Transnatural Art & Design / Beyond Expression Foundation
NL Chamber of commerce number: 34162977