• Bespoke Transience mirrors

    reveal the oxidation process

    for Nicemakers in Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam Read more

  • Transnatural in MoMA

    Well Proven Stools in collection

    foam wood from bioresin and waste Read more

  • Lighten up your dark Christmas garden

    Trap Light release at night

    magical in- and outdoor lamps recycle light Read more

  • New Transience Mirrors

    high contrast oxidation

    reveal the oxidation process Read more

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New Transience Mirrors High contrast oxidation
Large Transience Mirror Circle
Transience Mirrors reveal the oxidation process
Transience Mirror Square
Transience Mirrors reveal the oxidation process
Trap Light in- & outdoor Lamps that recycle light
Trap Light - Outdoor
Trap Light converts waste energy back into visible light.
Well Proven Stool Medium
The Well Proven Stool is made of foam wood from bioresin and waste
Trace Light
Trace Light recycles solar energy as ambient light

The latest

Dutch Design Week exhibition

Dutch Design Week exhibition

___Transnatural showcased a part of the collection within the the Playing Life exhibition at the Dutch Design Week 2015. The show explored the emerging field of creating and working with living materials as a medium for design.

Brussels Design 2015

Brussels Design 2015

___We officially introduce Transnatural Label in Belgium during Brussels Design 2015. Supervised by our new partner and agent MEMO, alias Margot Muys, we’re excited to show our art & design collection in the Living Room venue from 10-30 September 2015.

Well Proven Stromboli edition

Well Proven Stromboli edition

___ Inspired by a trip to the volcanic island of Stromboli courtesy of the Fiorucci Trust a land of black rocks and sunsets a new collection of Well Proven Furniture is designed including the first ever Well Proven Chaise.