Lamina LIght

Tijs Gilde

L,amina Light amplifies color pattern intensity

The Lamina Light reveals a unique experience through distributing light between layered structures. The light sculpture creates fluctuating color patterns within its transparent slats.

The slats, constructed from recycled acrylic material, create distortions which change color depending on the intensity of the light. The Lamina Light can be manipulated in order to provide the optimal lighting conditions for its surroundings.

Lamina explores new possibilities for more efficient production and recycling techniques. The product inherits a circular design strategy through its ability to disassemble and reuse its parts at the end of its life cycle.

The Lamina Light is designed by Tijs Gilde. It is available in customised color, size and form upon request.

W 550 x H 840 mm

(Recycled) acrylic


Light source:
LED: 24 V, 2700 Kelvin (warm white), 6500 Kelvin (cold white)

Price on request