Dynamic Geometry

Jólan van der Wiel

steers aesthetics by temperature

___Dynamic Geometry reveals a two and three dimensional, geometric form play by temperature fluctuations in space. The series of natural-looking triangles slowly change color and create an exclusive art & design wall piece, supplied with subtle stand surfaces. 

Dynamic Geometry adapts to the environment's temperature in gradient color transformations. These transformations start in several triangles above average room temperature allowing it to control and steer its aesthetics. These various stages of transforming color patterns offer an extraordinary optic experience.

A variety of colors contrasting to white-grey can be chosen. A standard large and small model are available and custom installations are done on request. In custom designs the equilateral triangles can be mounted to the wall in various manners and amounts, creating different aesthetics and color transforming surfaces. Dynamic Geometry is designed by Jolan van der Wiel for Transnatural.

Type: wall sculpture/ stands
Measurements installation: Small 1190 mm x 1030 mm / Large 1545 x 1545 mm
Year: 2016

Price on request