Wood Crystals

Aad Kruiswijk

improve urban ecology

___The Wood Crystals have been developed to give wild bees burrows in which they can nest. At the same time the design offers humans some aesthetic pleasure as sculptures, tables or stools. The Wood Crystals are made from residual city wood, each cut in a diamond shape by a robot. To extend the comfort and aesthetics, the indoor Wood Crystals refer to the outdoor models and have a high quality finish.

The wild bee is having a hard time. It’s difficult to find an appropriate burrow in the urban environment due to modern architecture, and its ways of constructing houses and buildings.
Due to the residency of more and more bees, the pollination process in city areas will increase that will improve the urban ecology. Using the Wood Crystals as seats isn’t dangerous as wild bees are unable to stab in sting.

The development of (large scale) customized projects is available on request.

Type: indoor & outdoor sculptures, stools and tables
Designer: Aad Kruiswijk

Low Wood Crystal
size: approximately L 600 x W 500 x H 300 mm 

High Wood Crystal
size: approximately L 400 x W 375 x H 450 mm  

Price on request